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3. Video Assignment “What  makes you laugh

I created the ds106 assignment what makes you laugh. This is an example of the assignment. I put the video which come from youtube. Why I created this assignment is because even though I could see some funny visual assignment, I could not see how to make people feel fun. Therefore I decided to make it. I want people to enjoy play creating the assignment. In addition, the Hangover is the best funny movie ever for me, so I want to share the idea.


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2. Design Assignment “What is culture for you??”

I created the ds106 assignment what is culture for you?? And this is an example of the assignment. I put pictures which relates culture into one scratch paper by Aviary. 1, Samurai 2. Samurai(Kanji) These pictures come from Google pictures I mixed up with these two. The pictures each represent the Japanese culture I think. I hope people would make something trick art with the assignment.

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Create ds106 Assignment (Extra credit)   1 comment

I chose to create assignment for extra credit.

1. Visual Assignment “Show us your dream!!!”

I created the ds106 assignment which show us your dream. And this is an example of the assignment. I put three pictures which relates my dream into a scratch paper by using Aviary 1, Pilot 2, Family 3,IKEA . Firstly,my dream job is a pilot. I’ve dreamed since junior high school. Secondly, if I could get my famyly, I would like to go beach with family to spend awesome time. Thirdly, IKEA is second my dream job because there are so many interesting in the store for me.


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What makes you laugh   1 comment

I like to watch the movie especially action movie, but sometime I feel like laughing through a movie. I will choose Hangover without question. If you have time,  watch it, but I do not recommend during a meal !!

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Future Forecast   2 comments

I watched the video which is “The Visible College: Four Futures for Higher Education“. The video discuss about what our society will happen in the future. He explained if current technology keep improving, how it would influence on technology and education. The movie little interact with A personal Cyberinfrastructure I thought. He ask audience what do you imagine in 20years later. He pick up several categories based on Kevin Kelly’s idea, and it will important for 2022: Screening, Interacting, Sharing, Flowing, Accessing and Generating. In the future, everyone will react to media. For example, social media provide opportunity for users to communicate, listening, watching and sharing own idea with friends. Then, people addict to use technology device automatically, so people especially young generation would better to get higher education to prepare for future.

He considers higher education need for students because, in the future, everything will come from technology. He raises four futures which are core of higher education: Phantom learning, The Lost decade, Alt.residential, Renaissance. I am interested in phantom learning because I cannot imagine in the future education style. I assume most of class will be online classes, and student will be able to get a lecture through the online. In addition, company will hire the people who know how to used electric device perfectly. To get the higher education is preparing for students to take a job, so future education style will be influenced by improving current technology. This is what I learned through his lecture.

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A Personal Cyberinfrastructure   2 comments

Discuss your thoughts and feelings about being a university student in the digital age. What do you hope to gain from your university experience? Do Campbell’s ideas about a personal cyberinfrastructure resonate with you? Explain why or why not.

I read  Gardner Campbell’s A Personal Cyberinfrastructure.

I think his idea of Cyberinfrastructure is important for future generation. Nowadays, there are social networking and message servicing around our environment. Through the idea, students can get opportunity to learn how to communicate others on the web. As he mentioned “creativity and expression” are built up by computer. 

I cannot say agree or disagree with Gardner Campbell’s opinion. I actually like the digital environment in university because through the online student can access to e-mail, blackboard, personal information and given article. This process is really convenience for us. I desire to learn the skill of digital environment in class.  I think teacher  consider that  is convenience  because they can manage or develop their lecture by using the blackboard. Because of the blackboard, teacher do not have to copy for all students. Through the online university can access to students’ personal information, then teacher is able to connect to students each even though the university has tons of students because computer will keep tabs on the students information.

There, however, are disadvantage of digital environment. As Gardner Campbell mentions about higher education, student  cannot learn how to overcome some obstruction by themselves. Higher education is obstacle for students. Students can learn how to collect the information, but the higer education do not provide the skill of creativeness and imaginations for students. When student are using computer, they stop thinking because the answer which they want to know has been on the web, so they do not start from scratch.

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DS106 Fanfic Assignmnents   1 comment

I decided this category because this is new to me.I chose this assignment, Fan Fiction Picture, which requires to “Take the name or title of your favorite band, song, movie, or tv show and display it in the form of photography. You can take as many pictures as you want, but have your photos capture the band, song, movie, or tv show you pick. Be creative and have fun!”

I used the picture from google, and I attached it. I copied the code of the YouTube and I attached it on this page, then the movie is appeared. Before I do this assignment, I do not know how to attach the YouTube on this page, but I remembered what we did on flicker section. We copied the code of picture and paste on the HTML. As a result, the photographic appeared. I used the way for doing this assignment.

The story is that I like the movie. I think most of the people can learn something from this movie. When I watched the movie, I though this is for “Rich” people, but a short time later, I thought we all know this situation would have to happen  someday. We just feel unrealistic. After I watched, I must enjoy my life because life is one-time-only, and I do not want to have regret for my life. I strongly recommend this movie to think about LIFE.

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