Snowing Today….   5 comments


This is first time to write the blog, so I do not know what I should write in here.

Now, I chose wether topics. Because of the snowing, transportations were delayed mostly. It also cause my time schedule. Eventhough snow looks good, it brings trafic problems..


Posted January 20, 2012 by tujfutsal10 in Uncategorized

5 responses to “Snowing Today….

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  1. There’s also the whole “cold” thing. Personally, I am not a fan of cold weather — how about you? You mentioned that it caused problems, but not how you felt about it, so I’m curious, if you don’t mind.

  2. Since I’m from a country where it snows a lot in winter, I find it funny that this little snow causes so much inconvenience in Tokyo! ^^
    It’s also funny to me that people in Tokyo use umbrellas in the snow, like in your picture! In Norway we just go outside with a knit hat.

    • I feel the need to inform you that snow is a terrifying, terrifying thing.
      Also, I kind of like the umbrella idea… if I used one when it rained, I would totally do this. Alas.

  3. It was really cold….

  4. I think this is a splendid post to begin your blogging career with Takuji. Surely you’ll want to spend some time dealing with class related matters. But I’m always excited to read about what students are dealing with and thinking about.

    Weather reports with pictures are always welcome. Look at the amount of feedback your first post has generated already.

    Keep on keeping on!

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