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The assignment

I finished my first assignment, but I still do not know my work is correct or not. I chose the assignment as first because this is a appropriate assignment to learn how to edit the pictures. The assignment says: Create an iconic image/design for your own site that somehow represents you. Sorry, I chenged a direction a little.


I used Aviary as editing soft player. Then I reserched the iconic picture of Messi and soccer court through google images. After I found them, I put into together by using Aviary. However, ther are difficuty. For example, when I try to import the picture into white paper, I could not do it. I do not know why I could not do it even now.


I chose iconic picture of Messi because I think he is the best soccer player in the world. I will discuss his background  a little. He was born in 1987, Argentina. He started playing soccer because his father has soccer team, and he teaches to children as coach. Messi also receives his father’s coaching. However, around 10 ages he founds disease which is hormone imbalance. Because of the illness, he does not grow up. To treat the disease his family have to pay much money, but they could not do. One day, he atends test provided by FC Barcelona, and he passes the test even he is still low hight. FC Barcelona mentioned they will pay his treating fee. I surprised when I saw the statement. In my opinion, even though Messi can go any team he wants, he belongs FC Barcelona because this is his thanks.


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  1. I think you did a fine job here. You are totally free to modify the ds106 assignments to suit your purpose. But I would like to stress again that it is very helpful to visitors to your site to include a link back to the original assignment on the ds106 site.

    Can you edit this post when you have a chance, please?

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