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 Often you have to rely on your intuition by Bill Gates

The Assignment

I chose troll Quotes assignment because this is the most funy assignment for me because through the assignment, we can put someone’s quote into the other famous person’s picture. Assignment mentiones that 1) Get a picture of someone people idolize. 2)Slap on a famous quotation from a similar character from a different book or movie. 3) Attribute the quotation to a third character, from yet a third universe.

The Process

Firstly I used google to find picture as same as previous DS106, and I found Steave Jobs. This is original picture.

I used internet to find what kind of person’s quote fit in Steve Jobs, and I found Bill Gates. I put his quote to the picture through the Aviary.  After I put the quotes, I changed the color, size and shape. I know there are many types of editing softwere, but Aviary does not require to download the soft, so there is no possibility to infect some virous. Thus I reccomend to use Aviary to edit.

The story

I chose Steve Jobs as this assignment because he is a one of the pioneer in the world. He created vrious IT tools such as iphone and iPad. He died in 2011. Most of people astonished about the news. Before he died, he did various works such as constituting Apple company. Moreover, Bill Gates is a one of the pioneer in the world. He and Steve Jobs are similar because their backgrounds are influenced each other. Bill Gates created Microsoft Company. Both pioneer definitely contributed to current IT society. I think the quotes comig from Bill Gates fit into Steve Jobs picture as well even though they are competitor in IT market.


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3 responses to “DS106 Assignment-Troll Quotes

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  1. Bill is still taking what doesn’t belong to him, I love it!

  2. Wow, cool image Takuji! It’d be nice to know what site you got it from 🙂 Also… I think for troll quotes you need a 3rd person to attribute the quote to.

    Nice job though! Aviary is also very useful as you mentioned.

  3. Yeah, that Steve Jobs mosaic picture is pretty cool. What you’ve come up with looks good. As Paul said, the only thing missing is third troll.

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