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I’m using dell pc. I’m intrested in Michael S. Dell because he is an inventor of Dell pc. I reserched about him through the internet. He established the dell pc during university. Now he is 47 years old. Resercher said he is an one of the CEO who has being for long time. I read some article which talk about why dell pc is cheap. The article said the compony do not ask brokerage business, and they sell their products by themselves, so they can sell it by low cost. In addtion, they created newsoftware, but they do not create new device. I could see the company concepts which is to meet a customer’s needs.


Posted February 14, 2012 by tujfutsal10 in Uncategorized

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  1. I’ve never owned a Dell PC but I use them at school. It seems like a pretty good machine but I use a Mac computer at home so I always have to relearn how to do the windows.

    How do you like your Dell computer?

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