DS106 Normal to Extraordinary   2 comments

The assignment

I choose this assignment, Normal to Extraordinary, because I want the picture to change something special. Through I checked the people who did the assignment they represented their personality and imagination. The assignment mentioned “Take a friend and turn him/her from a normal looking person to an extraordinary looking. Put the shots side by side for comparison.”

The process

I used Aviary to edit the picture. This is the first time to use painting tools, so I do not know how to use it. There are many types of editing tools in the application, and I tried every tools to identify them. After I used to use, I started to paint my picture. Firstly, I put the line to dvide the color section, then I put the color for each parts. Secondly, I used stamp staff. Finally I posted on here.

The stroy

I chose picture which I took a photo during class. Also, the picture is kind of intrested for me because I took the picture when I dyed my hair as first time.


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2 responses to “DS106 Normal to Extraordinary

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  1. Aviary is a nice web based photo editor. It used to be my favorite until I discovered Pixlr. You might want to give that one a try and see which works better for you.

    The photo is certainly more interesting with all of the colorful background stuff than just the ceiling and light.

  2. The detail and editing you did to this photo is so interesting. It really gives the photo a completely new look. I kind of reminds me of something you would see in the 60s or 70s like something the beatles would have loved to have had their hands on. Thanks so much for linking the website you used. So helpful! Great Job!

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