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We are group No.7, and we are doing infographic analyzings. The infographic represent about “Who are social gamers“. In the chart, there are 6 sections whic are Age, Family, Education, Income, User behavior and Top social games. My section is “Age”.

As we can see, the chart use many types of color and graph such as circle graph and bar graph. The artifice each represets different meanings. For example, in the circle graph, there are two different graphs, Blue and Red, which indicates Male and Female. In addtion, the circular graph is the best way to difine how much percentage are playing the games, but the circular graph do not appropriate to difine the age-group because the grph cannot devide the section finely. On the other hand, there is bar graph which is the best way to show theage groups because the person can divide the section as many as possible.  Therefore, the graph each could be used correctlyand represented clearly.


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  1. I’d say this is a good overview type summary of the infographic but it really doesn’t strike me as a critical analysis of the section you were supposed to look at.

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