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Today’s class, we had the small presentation which discuss about computer virus. And most of students explain about what the virus is and how it influences on computer. They said the virus has negative influenses such as stealing the password and various code, and the virus spread out those of information into the network. After finished the presentation, teacher asked which anti-virus software wil work. I was intrested the question too, so I reserched a little. The web page said 1st Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, 2ndKaspersky Anti-virus and 3rd Panda Antivirus Pro. Those three anti-virus are trusted by customer. I was used to have McAfee, but I stop to use because the company require the money a lot. If they do not require, it will be the best.


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  2. Thank you for blogging your reflections on the first day of student presentation sessions. It looks like you got a lot out of the experience of listening to different classmates present on the topics they’ve researched.

    I hope you can use the experience to help you think about giving the best presentation you can when your turn comes.

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