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Last year, we had huge earthquake, and it influenced hude impact on northeast Japan. They got “Tsunami” which destroyed evrything. Even though we will pass one year almost, in the actual place, there are still a raw wound. Nowadays, many company and government start to support the northeast to revive. And one of the NPO corporation start the contribute the PC to northeast. Sorry I attach the Japanese website, but here it is. Although this is not relate to our class because it is just to send the pc to northeast, I want to share these kind of information.


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  1. Thank you for posting this. Even though it’s written in Japanese, I’m very pleased that you linked to this NPO.

    It might be helpful if you provided a short summary of what the NPO’s main project is and offer other ways for people to offer support.

    Also, you might your hyperlink be part of a larger bit of text then just the word “it” – I nearly didn’t see that “it” was a link. Perhaps you could use the name of the NPO as the link text.

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