DS106 A Sunset   4 comments

I chose the ds106 assignment, A Sunset. It says “Take a picture of a beautiful sunset. Nothing fancy, just a nice picture :)”.

 I took the photo around 5:00 pm. And when I play the futsal with my friend at park, I saw the such a beutifu landscape, and at that time I remember this assignment, so I took it. Even though we watch the sun, sunrise or sunset, I think we do not watch carefully. And I forgot where the phrase come from, but it said people forget natural beuty is equal to world beuty. I strongly agree with the phrase. I recomend this assignment because we can focus on passing the time.  


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4 responses to “DS106 A Sunset

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  1. I like this picture!! I wanna see sunset like this;)

  2. That is a beautiful sunset. I’m guessing you took it with your cell phone. It’s a pity the image is so small. Is there anyway you can take higher resolution photos on your phone?

  3. That’s a very beautiful sunset! Nice one!

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