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In todays’ class, we got assignment that is to pick up the one sentence from Gardner Campbell’ article and explain it. We should write what the sentence talks about and why I choose it. I chose the sentences “Students would have the convenience of one-step, single-sign-on activities, from registering for classes to participating in online discussion to seeing grades mere after they were posted.” because the sentences are represent what we did in our CIS class. The sentences explains how close the technology to current students. Students do everything through the online even participating the class. And nowadays many elementary schools started teaching how to use computer. One of the high school, students does not have to go to school because they can get lecture through the online classes. I think this idea has advantage and disadvantage for students.


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  1. You might want to reread the first five paragraphs. I don’t think Campbell is particularly enthusiastic about this idea of the one-stop shop. His whole point in reexamining the early decisions made in the implementation of the web in higher education is to call many of the assumptions and practices in to question.

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