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Discuss your thoughts and feelings about being a university student in the digital age. What do you hope to gain from your university experience? Do Campbell’s ideas about a personal cyberinfrastructure resonate with you? Explain why or why not.

I read  Gardner Campbell’s A Personal Cyberinfrastructure.

I think his idea of Cyberinfrastructure is important for future generation. Nowadays, there are social networking and message servicing around our environment. Through the idea, students can get opportunity to learn how to communicate others on the web. As he mentioned “creativity and expression” are built up by computer. 

I cannot say agree or disagree with Gardner Campbell’s opinion. I actually like the digital environment in university because through the online student can access to e-mail, blackboard, personal information and given article. This process is really convenience for us. I desire to learn the skill of digital environment in class.  I think teacher  consider that  is convenience  because they can manage or develop their lecture by using the blackboard. Because of the blackboard, teacher do not have to copy for all students. Through the online university can access to students’ personal information, then teacher is able to connect to students each even though the university has tons of students because computer will keep tabs on the students information.

There, however, are disadvantage of digital environment. As Gardner Campbell mentions about higher education, student  cannot learn how to overcome some obstruction by themselves. Higher education is obstacle for students. Students can learn how to collect the information, but the higer education do not provide the skill of creativeness and imaginations for students. When student are using computer, they stop thinking because the answer which they want to know has been on the web, so they do not start from scratch.


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2 responses to “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure

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  1. I agree with your opinion. I also think that the digital environment is convenience for university student;))

  2. I think if the main point you take away form Campbell’s article is that computers and the online experience only provide convenience to the student then you should reread it more closely.

    Convenience is what the Learning Management Systems (LMSs) claim to offer. But this convenience is a very limiting system.

    You make no mention of his Personal Cyberinfrastructure idea. I suggest you take a closer look at why he thinks universities ought to move in the direction of making such a system available to students instead of Learning Management Systems.

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