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I watched the video which is “The Visible College: Four Futures for Higher Education“. The video discuss about what our society will happen in the future. He explained if current technology keep improving, how it would influence on technology and education. The movie little interact with A personal Cyberinfrastructure I thought. He ask audience what do you imagine in 20years later. He pick up several categories based on Kevin Kelly’s idea, and it will important for 2022: Screening, Interacting, Sharing, Flowing, Accessing and Generating. In the future, everyone will react to media. For example, social media provide opportunity for users to communicate, listening, watching and sharing own idea with friends. Then, people addict to use technology device automatically, so people especially young generation would better to get higher education to prepare for future.

He considers higher education need for students because, in the future, everything will come from technology. He raises four futures which are core of higher education: Phantom learning, The Lost decade, Alt.residential, Renaissance. I am interested in phantom learning because I cannot imagine in the future education style. I assume most of class will be online classes, and student will be able to get a lecture through the online. In addition, company will hire the people who know how to used electric device perfectly. To get the higher education is preparing for students to take a job, so future education style will be influenced by improving current technology. This is what I learned through his lecture.


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  1. How do you think you life will be ten years from now under one of the four futures suggested in the video?

    • I think, in ten years later, my life will be also changed a lot. I would have job and I would work by knowledge coming form the higher education. also, I would have family, so I hope I could be esponsible person. Otherwise, I do not want to get family. I do not know wheter we will face the future which he expect or not, but if so, the future is a perfect degital world.

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