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The Continuing
The Continuing…(under CC lisensed) I brought the picture which come from evanleavitt to show what I think for CIS0835.

CIS0835 should continue next semester. I learned several electronic skills through CIS0835 class. Before I take this class, I mostly do not understand about electronic things, so I felt nervous when I attend first this class. However, after teacher start teaching, I understood gradually. We studied: Blog post, ds106, Flicker, Twitter and technological improvements.  Through these activities, I could learn the creativity and advantage of knowing about computer.

I got the skill of electricity from CIS. First , I learned how to create blog post. Before I did the categories, I had never written about blog, so everything was new for me. The blog post is to share what you feel and think about topic, and the blog should be included several paragraphs. I’m interested in the blog because it is blog, not essay, so I can express my feeling freely. I could enjoy reading the comment classmate made. In addition, teacher taught us about ds106. This is creative activity, and student can create own effort based on assignment which is provided by ds106. There are many kind of assignment, so student enjoy doing assignment. I knew some editing picture web site which calls Aviary. Through the program, students can edit the picture you chose. Even though this assignment is easy for students, it requires high creative skill because students should post on your blog to share with class mates. Moreover, we had two types of presentation which are group and individual. Both presentations were so excited. Our group presentation’s topic was Twitter.  In our case, we divided into several sections. For instance, my part was to research about what is the most popular hash tag in 2009 and 2011. Other group member researched about who is the most having followers among Twitter account. Teacher asked us to use Google document as communication tools. Another individual presentation is also good for me to practice the presentation because this time that student should do presentation by yourself, so students needed to prepare for it. I felt difficult when I think about organization of presentation because my topic was Copy right is wrong?” The topic was quiet popular for most of students, so I need to create something special. The activity also requires the creativity. Finally, I studied what the future education in university is. I watched the lecture discussing about higher education through the flash video.  It was interested for me because during lecture, speaker provided several possible newest ideas, so I enjoy watching the lecture. In above the ways, I could get various educations. I think I can say the education was higher education which I have never got it before.

I strongly recommend that CIS0835 should continue next semester. There are many merits to take the class for students. Through the class, students can experience blog, ds106 and presentation. I think these are important and useful when we take a job. The class is not meaningless. Therefore,  CIS0835 should be continued next semester.


Posted April 13, 2012 by tujfutsal10

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  1. Very good Takuji, thanks.

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