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Blog4-Dell pc
I’m using dell pc. I’m intrested in Michael S. Dell because he is an inventor of Dell pc. I reserched about him through the internet. He established the dell pc during university. Now he is 47 years old. Resercher said he is an one of the CEO who has being for long time. I read some article which talk about why dell pc is cheap. The article said the compony do not ask brokerage business, and they sell their products by themselves, so they can sell it by low cost. In addtion, they created newsoftware, but they do not create new device. I could see the company concepts which is to meet a customer’s needs.

Blog3-On line Games

This time also I pick up a problem which is on line games. There are tons of games on internet, and the game company target from pre-adolescece to adult. When I watched a new, I heard that in Korea there are people who died by game. I was really astonished about the news. The news also said one of parents did not take care their baby because they want to spend time for playing a online game. I think this is big problems like social net working services.

I think to play the game is ok, but players need to care about their real world.


Blog2-Social Net Working Services…
Nowadays, most of people are connected by internet. Through the internet, people can contact or watch the advertisement. For example, there are social net workings such as mixi and facebook. These ideas are awesome because even though the services for contacting with friend, some company can advertise their products to servicing users.

However, there are problems in those services because people can get the personal information easily, and some of people are abusing the services. Now, I dont feel scare about using the services yet, but in the future, the time, which users have to think about using these services, will come soon I think.


Blog1-Snowing Today…

This is first time to write the blog, so I do not know what I should write in here.

Now, I chose wether topics. Because of the snowing, transportations were delayed mostly. It also cause my time schedule. Eventhough snow looks good, it brings trafic problems..


Posted February 17, 2012 by tujfutsal10

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