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Create ds106 Assignment (Extra credit)   1 comment

I chose to create assignment for extra credit.

1. Visual Assignment “Show us your dream!!!”

I created the ds106 assignment which show us your dream. And this is an example of the assignment. I put three pictures which relates my dream into a scratch paper by using Aviary 1, Pilot 2, Family 3,IKEA . Firstly,my dream job is a pilot. I’ve dreamed since junior high school. Secondly, if I could get my famyly, I would like to go beach with family to spend awesome time. Thirdly, IKEA is second my dream job because there are so many interesting in the store for me.



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DS106 A Sunset   4 comments

I chose the ds106 assignment, A Sunset. It says “Take a picture of a beautiful sunset. Nothing fancy, just a nice picture :)”.

 I took the photo around 5:00 pm. And when I play the futsal with my friend at park, I saw the such a beutifu landscape, and at that time I remember this assignment, so I took it. Even though we watch the sun, sunrise or sunset, I think we do not watch carefully. And I forgot where the phrase come from, but it said people forget natural beuty is equal to world beuty. I strongly agree with the phrase. I recomend this assignment because we can focus on passing the time.  

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DS106 Splash The Color   1 comment



I chose Splash The Color because I think this assignment does not take a time, and even though this assignment is easy, the accomplichment is really cool. The assignment requires that “Color splash is a technique to emphasize details- you remove all color from a photo, and then restore original color to a single object, e.g. a green apple on a table. Think of the Girl in the red dressfrom Schindler’s List.


I used aviary as same as previous ds106. I get the original picture which come from my album. fter I download the picture to aviary, I did desaturate to my picture, and I cut some parts from original. Then I paint the yellow color at the sectuion I cut.


I know the picture do not fit in current season because in the picture, there are fireworks. However, I thinkeven though I change the some parts, the fireworks is still shining. Through the assignment, I could represent how firework illiminate us.

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DS106 Normal to Extraordinary   2 comments

The assignment

I choose this assignment, Normal to Extraordinary, because I want the picture to change something special. Through I checked the people who did the assignment they represented their personality and imagination. The assignment mentioned “Take a friend and turn him/her from a normal looking person to an extraordinary looking. Put the shots side by side for comparison.”

The process

I used Aviary to edit the picture. This is the first time to use painting tools, so I do not know how to use it. There are many types of editing tools in the application, and I tried every tools to identify them. After I used to use, I started to paint my picture. Firstly, I put the line to dvide the color section, then I put the color for each parts. Secondly, I used stamp staff. Finally I posted on here.

The stroy

I chose picture which I took a photo during class. Also, the picture is kind of intrested for me because I took the picture when I dyed my hair as first time.

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DS106 Assignment-Troll Quotes   3 comments

 Often you have to rely on your intuition by Bill Gates

The Assignment

I chose troll Quotes assignment because this is the most funy assignment for me because through the assignment, we can put someone’s quote into the other famous person’s picture. Assignment mentiones that 1) Get a picture of someone people idolize. 2)Slap on a famous quotation from a similar character from a different book or movie. 3) Attribute the quotation to a third character, from yet a third universe.

The Process

Firstly I used google to find picture as same as previous DS106, and I found Steave Jobs. This is original picture.

I used internet to find what kind of person’s quote fit in Steve Jobs, and I found Bill Gates. I put his quote to the picture through the Aviary.  After I put the quotes, I changed the color, size and shape. I know there are many types of editing softwere, but Aviary does not require to download the soft, so there is no possibility to infect some virous. Thus I reccomend to use Aviary to edit.

The story

I chose Steve Jobs as this assignment because he is a one of the pioneer in the world. He created vrious IT tools such as iphone and iPad. He died in 2011. Most of people astonished about the news. Before he died, he did various works such as constituting Apple company. Moreover, Bill Gates is a one of the pioneer in the world. He and Steve Jobs are similar because their backgrounds are influenced each other. Bill Gates created Microsoft Company. Both pioneer definitely contributed to current IT society. I think the quotes comig from Bill Gates fit into Steve Jobs picture as well even though they are competitor in IT market.

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DS106 Assignment Image with a Message   3 comments


Quote by Albert Einstein


I finished second ds106 assognment. I chose Image with a message as the assignment. It makes me fun because through the assignment I can represent my opinion by someone’s quote with picture. It says that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Your challenge is to enhance a famous quotation by superimposing it on an appropriate “Creative Commons” licensed image and to give proper credit.

Process Quote: “Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war.” by Albert Einstein 

I used Aviary again to edit picture. I found the war picture through google images, and I found the quote too. These are original pictures. ↓

 I put the picture in Aviary. Then I typed quote in the picture. This time I did not face problems as same as ds106 first assignment. Before do this assignment, I was looking for theo ther editing soft ware, but even though I found some soft ware, aviary is the easiest soft ware i ever. I reccomend to use it.


I chose this topic because when I try to think massage, the phrase “Anti-War” is came in my mind. I found the quotes written by Albert Einstein. Even though he created atomic bomb, he mentioned the quotes. When I read the quotes, I have two opinions for this whic are agree and disagree this quote. Firstly, I agree his opinion. If no one go to the war, there is no war in the world. However, I have a question why people go to the war. There are tons of reasons such as protect family, home country and stop the war. Alothough there are meny reasons, people cannot stop fighting. I think people cannot understand each other wthout fighting even conflicting. This is sad things, so I think to show the image I put on this page is good way to promote antiwar by using internet. That is why I chose this picture and topics.


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